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We are Whippets and our kennel name is WILVER.

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We are a small kennel, aiming to produce sound stock of good temperament. My introduction to Whippets was as a child in the 'late sixties' when my grandparents downsized. Granddad had previously kept racing Greyhounds but, on retirement from business, they moved to a bungalow and bought a KC registered blue whippet dog who was raced very successfully. He then gave us the pick of litter (stud fee) - a lovely blue bitch who also ran very well.
In my teenage years and early twenties I forayed into OESD and also Giant Schnauzers with some show success but came back to Whippets in the 1980's.

From left to right, Harris, Saker as a pup (the only one still with us from this picture), Lanner and Merlin.
 You can find out more about pedigrees from the tables below.

Wilver Whippets began in 1989 with the purchase of a lovely fawn bitch Kinclaric Silver Locket of Wilver (Lockey) based on Oakbark and Dondelayo lines. Our first litter in 1993 produced Wilver Moonlight and Gold (Kestrel) who did very well for us early on. Her brother Wilver Silver Rainbow (our beloved Merlin) took a back seat while we were showing Kestrel but was brought out again at approximately 4 years old to take several best of breed. He also sired some very nice litters.

Our second litter, in 1995, produced Wilver Jest A Zuar (Hobby) by Ch. Nevedith Justa Jesta. She was a consistent winner for us. More recently we bought in Silver Sorceress at Wilver (Saker). She was bred by Mary Cope who owns a daughter of Wilver Silver Rainbow. We have done consistently well with Saker in the show ring and her daughter, Wilver Dream Song' seems to have inherited her wonderful character. Kite is doing well in the show ring - see her pictures at the bottom of the page.

Merlin, Kestrel and Hobby's Pedigrees

Kennel Name

Sire and Dam


Wilver Silver Rainbow (Merlin)

Mithrandir Midas Touch at Nevedith
Kinclaric Silver Locket

Ch.Pencloe Dutch Gold
Ch.Mithrandir Spider Orchid

Kinclaric Sizzlin Sid
What a Picture of Kinclaric

Wilver Moonlight and Gold (Kestrel)
(sadly we lost Kestrel a few weeks before
 Saker's puppies were born)

Mithrandir Midas Touch at Nevedith
Kinclaric Silver Locket

Ch.Pencloe Dutch Gold
Ch.Mithrandir Spider Orchid

Kinclaric Sizzlin Sid
What a Picture of Kinclaric

Wilver Jest a Zuar (Hobby)

Ch.Nevedith Justa Jesta
Kinclaric Silver Locket

Ch.Pencloe Dutch Gold
Ch.Nutshell of Nevedith

Kinclaric Sizzlin Sid
What a Picture of Kinclaric


Wilver Silver Rainbow (Merlin)

Early days. Grandad with the original Lockey, in the 1960's.

'The Team' after coming second in 'Special Breeders'and reserve in 'Special Progeny' at the Centenary Championship Show, Uttoxeter.




Merlin on his Holidays - Wales September 2005

Merlin's grandchildren - 
born 1st October 2005

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The family in 2004.
 Sadly, in June 2006 Wilver Jesta Zuar (Hobby) gave up her 3 year battle against 'Cushings Disease'. Despite treatment she steadily went downhill and after 2 strokes we decided to put an end to her suffering.

On a brighter note, Silver Sorceress at Wilver (Saker), bred by Mary Cope, has been doing well for us. Wins during 2006 include Best Whippet Puppy followed by winning the Hound Puppy Group at Stafford DCS in September and Best in Show, Lichfield Canine Society in November. Then 2 class wins at The Whippet Championship Show at Coventry in 2007 under Phil Moran-Healey qualified her for Crufts 2008! Her most notable success was winning Best In Show at Stafford DCS from approx 700 entries! This was only 13 weeks after giving birth to a lovely litter of 8 pups. January 2009 started well with Best bitch at Midland Whippet Club show, followed a couple of weeks later by Res BOB at Lichfield DCS.

Saker's Pedigree

Silver Sorceress at Wilver 

Sire and Dam


G Grandparents

Ch. Oakbark Mystery Knight

Ch Oakbark Millenium Gold

Ch Oakbark My Spice Girl

Ch Pencloe Dutch Gold
Ch Oakbark Mariel

Ch Cobyco Candyman
Ch Savile Park Saucy Shrimp
of Oakbark

Dizzy Daisy

Wilver Silver Rainbow

Jubilee Playful


Mithrandir Midas Touch
at Nevedith
Kinclaric Silver Locket of Wilver

Falconcrag Round Midnight
at Belantry
Little Sweetie

Puppy pics - July 2008

Saker and her 8 pups by Ch. Becscott Design Dreamer Avec Sueve (Simon to his friends!) - July 2008

Some Show Successes

Saker - BIS at Stafford OS - September 2008

Kite - Best Puppy at NCWC Limit show 
- January 2009

Kite - Best Whippet puppy and Hound G2 at Lichfield OS - January 2009

2012/13 Update
Our 'new'addition is: Aphrodite Love Over Wilver - Sire: Nevedith PFA Peppa at Jenaul.Dam: Wilver Rainbow Dreamer.Breeder: Mary Cope. Kestrel 2 has followed in Granny and Aunties footsteps, in qualifying for Crufts! Silver Sorceress at Wilver (Gran) also bred by Mary Cope, qualified in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Her daughter 'Dream Song' (Auntie Kite) joined her at Crufts in 2010. We wish all fellow competitors well!

Kite and her brother Geoffrey on the beach - 2009

Later that year - back to the beach (and coats!)

Kestrel ii at work rest and play

Kestrel ii Winner Bitch Puppy Class at S.Yorks 2012

Kestrel takes a nap

Kestrel with mum growing a flag!